Diving in Montserrat

Montserrat offers divers a chance to the see the ocean in a new light - one that has not been destroyed by carelessness or neglect.  You will  not find cattle boats and huge groups of divers competing for reef space here!  Unlike most other dive shops, we offer completely customized dive excursions designed to match your own unique interests and skills sets .... all in one of the most unusual and exotic locations on Earth. 

     With over 20 years diving experience, PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Troy Deppermann, works with you long before your visit to the island to design an itinerary specifically for you and your group.  This personalized, one-on-one service sets us apart from other pre-packaged dive shops and provides you with the unique, top quality diving experience you expect and deserve.  

     Whether you're looking for an unusual place to go on your next dive excursion or you're interested in achieving another level of certification, we prepare each agenda and mold every dive around your expectation.  From Open Water to Dive Master certification, The Green Monkey Dive Shop caters to all levels of underwater enthusiasts.


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