About Us

Troy and Melody brought the Green Monkey Dive Shop to Montserrat in January, 2006.  The "little dive shop that could" soon grew into the spot to be on Little Bay Beach.  Before they knew it, they added a bar, boat tours, kayak rentals, and fishing trips. 

Troy is a Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) with twenty four years of diving experience in the Caribbean, the United States, and the Pacific.  He has nine specialty certifications including AWARE Coral Reef Conservation which teaches divers about the vital role of the coral reefs in the marine environment and the current state of the world's reefs. 

Melody's background is quite different, to say the least!  She is a U.S. trained attorney and former Director and Assistant Professor of Paralegal Studies at a Missouri University. She has extensive experience in project supervision, report preparation, and public relations.  Melody currently serves as a Director on the Montserrat Tourism Board.

Troy and Melody are assisted by three locally trained staff. Oswald West successfully completed his Instructor training and exams in August 2009 and is Montserrat's first "home-grown" Scuba Instructor. Additionally, Dwayne Daley and Kelvin "Raphael" White were certified as Assistant Instructors in 2009 and will soon be completing their Instructor exams as well. Together, they comprise the skilled and knowledgeable team at the Green Moneky.

The Green Monkey Dive Shop was selected by the Montserrat Tourist Board in 2006 to map Montserrat's dive sites and prepare a dive guide book for the country.  Together, Troy and Melody co-authored Montserrat's Dive Guide, A Guide to the Underwater World of Montserrat" (See our "Diving in Montserrat" page).  In 2007 the Dive Shop was once again selected by the Government of Montserrat, this time to install a series of moorings at sixteen recommended dive sites.  Most recently, the Green Monkey was selected as one of sixteen on-island recipients of the Montserrat Tourism Challenge Fund.  For more information on this award, click here.